Even if you follow all the basic rules for creating TikTok videos, such as keeping it short and using the right hashtags, getting views on TikTok isn’t guaranteed. Try these tricks to find ways to “cheat” the algorithm and intrigue viewers. Not every video can use these tips and tricks, so don’t force anything.

  1. Increase video speed to 1.15x
  2. Add popular audio with volume at 0
  3. Show the ending at the very beginning
  4. Start videos with a hook
  5. Seamless loops

Increase video speed to 1.15x

Video editing software like Kapwing and Capcut allows you to adjust the playback speed of your videos. Even if you are speaking in the video, the difference isn’t very noticeable. Increasing the playback speed can compress videos from 12 seconds to 10 seconds without losing any content. Typically users aren’t patient so increasing the speed is useful to get to the point.

Add popular audio with volume at 0

Popular music and audio are another way for people to discover your videos. Simply add popular or tending audio and set the “Added sound” to 0 within the volume controls.

Show the ending at the very beginning

Take a cue from some famous movies and shows: start your video with the ending. TikTok users spend one or two seconds answering, “what is this video about?” After answering that question, they choose to watch or keep scrolling. By answering that question for them, you change the question to “how?” which will require them to watch more of the video to answer it.

Any video that has progress between the start of something and a final result can use this trick. A cooking video, building something, and even how to improve your golf swing. This technique is very common in cooking videos. Show the finished product and then immediately show how it was created. Although this trick won’t work for every video, it is possible for a broad range of videos.

Start the video with a hook

Contradictions, brainteasers, asking a question, and even showing the climax/highlight of a video in the beginning can stop a scroller in their tracks, even users with only a mild interest in the topic. Let’s look at some example hooks:

  • How I made $3k/month doing nothing
  • How I fixed my golf swing with one little adjustment
  • 98% of people can solve this chess puzzle
  • Name three countries that start with the letter R

Ask yourself what is going to make someone stop scrolling, and that’s your hook.

Here’s a good example from https://www.tiktok.com/@ottertoy


Huge Lego Build of 75000 Pieces DESTROYED by clumsy HOST 🙈 #foryou #legobuild

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Seamless loops

When a user watches your video multiple times, it counts as multiple views. Creating a seamless loop can dramatically increase your view count. For example, if your video has a 50% end retention rate, that’s potentially 50% more views. That can bump 10k views to 15k views.

Loops don’t always have to be seamless with natural “scenes.” For example, if a video contains two people talking, if Person A starts a video is good to end the video with Person B talking to make it look like the conversation is continuing when the video restarts. Using multiple “scenes” within a single video can also be useful to temporarily trick a user that the video hasn’t finished. Unfortunately, it’s not easy for videos with music, top 5 lists, or DIY projects.

Here’s a good example of the loop in action (watch in the app for the loop). This effect is achieved by the creator by saying the ending line and then immediately saying the opening line.

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